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Royals the - say you love me

SIMON: Claire Foy, as we mentioned, this is the second time you've played a monarch. I wonder if you feel you've learned something.

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Though Lacoste reported that the Princess was “very affected” by her husband’s betrayal, his client looked “almost serene,” according to Le Parisien, on the day her split from Ducruet was announced. Busying herself at the Replay Store and Replay Cafe—the sportswear boutique with an adjoining restaurant that she and Ducruet had planned to open officially in Monaco on Sept. 27—the princess has yet to set a new date for its debut, and the continued partnership is doubtful. “It is unfortunate that this happened,” says Prince Albert, “but it will take its course.”

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Princess Diana, while undeniably classy, poised, and well-spoken , was also kind of a badass. Whether she was shaking up tradition by changing her wedding vows or revealing the cracks in her fairy-tale marriage, Diana had moments of true bravery and backbone. Here are 10 times Diana proved she was a force to be reckoned with in the royal family .

Royals aren't always in a skirt or dress. Sometimes they want a dress-down day, too, say if they're visiting a farm or taking the children to school. So what's their go-to piece for a casual day, you ask? That would be jeans. Whether flare or skinny, white or dark blue, royals can't get enough of this basic piece — and they shouldn't. As Kate Middleton's proven, even royals can style jeans for all types of occasions. Though she has a strong denim collection, Kate isn't the only one to give them that princess touch. Ahead are several other royal ladies who have worn the everyday bottoms and looked just as polished.

Royals The - Say You Love MeRoyals The - Say You Love MeRoyals The - Say You Love MeRoyals The - Say You Love Me