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Peron days to remember lp

Buenos Aires combines faded European grandeur with Latin passion. Sexy and alive, this beautiful city gets under your skin.

While such a machine might seem like overkill, one must think of the value of one’s record library. Brand-new LPs now sell for between £15-£30 apiece, so a library of 200 LPs comes close to the cost of a machine. Second-hand LPs usually deserve a cleaning, while costly collectors’ items most certainly warrant such attention. For serious collectors with large libraries (as well as used vinyl specialists), such a machine is essential.

Afropop was such a huge part of the 90s and Angélique Kidjo was among the most important figures when it came to bringing the sound of Africa to the western world.

EIN brings you a diverse and interesting range of interviews with those who knew Elvis or have published books about his life and career.