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Chachi mayhem - 'you gon be hated"

Fuck you mean I'm way above your average
New kid on the block but im always on some classic shit
Causin pandemonium now everybody panicking
And I'm leaving neggus holy like the Vatican

Said I'm turnt up y'all turnt down
We burn one y'all get burned out
And if you don't know now you know motherfucker better go and

Learn now
All these niggas tellin lies well I bet you that the truth gon

Hurt now

And all the homies up in here and we just wildin
We promote the piece but we don't stop the violence
Turnin up in this bitch we about to riot
Smokin on the dankest loud your dank is quiet

Fuck y'all want me to say that I got the guns and I let them spray
Fuck that shit nigga we some kings word to jay
We some gods, predators better start to pray
When we roll through in your way shit we do this everyday

Verse II

I hear the money talkin I hear the bullshit walkin
And I smell the rain I felt the realist pain
And I see dead presidents in my vicinity
They havin a bittersweet taste from victory

Money comes money goes all these friends turn into foes
And the devil want ya soul nigga that's just how goes
That's just how it goes nigga that's just how it goes
And I'm driving too fast bitch ill never slow my role

Anyways my homie Ronnie gotta forty of that Ol E
My Brodie Joey got a OZ of that Og
My homie Marley got the mollies for these hoes see
Now all these groupie chicks our down to love the whole team

Fuck y'all mad at me for cuz we blowin up like C4
And we smoke that sour diesel that weed smoke
Got my eyes lookin like a chino
Gotta bad bitch and shorty shallow but you know she deep throat

Verse III

They sayin I'm one of a kind
Man fuck that shit I'm one of the gods
Up in the sky lookin straight down at you niggas so bow
And look at me now we up in the clouds
Makin it rain we takin it over all of my villains is runnin the


Like Jay Z, we nasty and crazy
Some love me some hate me
Bu too much been happening lately
So fuck it and jealousy breeds envy
Fuck the picture that they paint me
God I'm just how you made me

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Yet another Ver$ace Chachi x Space God collab track. This song has the same message as the one from Future ’s “Sh!t” – which this song samples. Many people like to talk about themselves like they are dangerous, but they aren’t really about that life.

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